You don't need a weatherman to know which
way the wind blows

A Windbarb is a symbol used by Meteorologists to indicate the speed and direction of the wind. Since 2013 Windbarb Ltd. has been providing technical services to international developers, investors and lenders to help them make quick and sound decisions.

Our expert team of engineers and meteorologists can deliver advice on all aspects of wind energy development and we have calculated wind energy resources and assessed site conditions worldwide. Our engineers work with industry standard software such as Openwind, WindPro and WIndFarmer. Depending on the site complexity and the hub height, we use WAsP for wind flow modelling or perform CFD modelling using Meteodyn.

In addition to our wind resource assessments, our wind resource team offers site conditions assessments, environmental impact studies and general wind service consultancy. We can also provide measurement campaign management by which we assist clients in the installation and monitoring of meteorological masts, Lidar and Sodar units.

What can Windbarb do for you?

  • Fast and accurate site screening solutions.
  • Identify development opportunities.
  • Reduce development and planning risks at the earliest stages of a project.
  • Save on time and money by delaying investment in real anemometry masts.
  • Accurate wind assessments in areas where no reliable wind data is available.
  • Quicker decision making - receive wind resource estimates the same day.
  • Environmental impact assessment - noise assessments, shadow flicker prediction, viewshed analyses, photographic simulations and bat curtailment.